reach «reech», verb, noun.
1. to get to; arrive at; come to: »

to reach the top of a hill, to reach the end of a book, to reach an agreement. Your letter reached me yesterday.

SYNONYM(S): attain, gain.
2. to stretch out; hold out; extend: »

to reach one's foot out. A tree reaches out its branches.

3. a) to extend to: »

The radio reaches millions.

b) to get in touch with (someone): »

I could not reach you by telephone.

4. to touch; get in touch with, as by anything extended or cast: »

I cannot reach the top of the wall. The anchor reached bottom.

5. to move to touch or seize (something); try to get: »

to reach a package on a high shelf.

6. Figurative. to get at; influence: »

Some people are reached by flattery. The speaker reached the hearts of his hearers.

7. to take and pass with the hand: »

Please reach me the newspaper.

8. Figurative. to amount to; be equal to: »

The cost of the war reached billions.

1. to stretch: »

to reach toward a book. A hand reached from the dark and seized him.

2. to extend, as in space, time, or influence: »

a dress reaching to the floor. The United States reaches from ocean to ocean. Figurative. The power of Rome reached to the ends of the known world.

3. to get or come; function; carry: »

farther than the eye can reach.

4. to make a stretch in a certain direction; move as if to touch or seize something: »

The man reached for his gun.

5. to make a stretch of certain length with the hand, etc.: »

I cannot reach to he top of the wall.

6. Figurative. to amount (to): »

amounts reaching to a considerable sum.

7. to succeed in coming, as to a place, point, or person: »

They could not reach back to the boat before it was dark (Daniel Defoe).

8. to sail on a course with the wind forward of the beam.
1. the act of stretching out; reaching: »

By a long reach, the drowning man grasped the rope.

2. the extent or distance of reaching: »

out of one's reach. Food and water were left within reach of the sick dog.

3. Figurative. range; power; capacity: »

the reach of the mind. Philosophy is not beyond a child's reach; he can understand it.

4. a continuous stretch or extent: »

vast reaches of snow in the Antarctic, a reach of woodland.

5. the course or distance sailed on one tack.
6. the part of a river, channel, or lake between bends.
7. the part of a canal between locks.
8. a pole from the rear axle of a wagon or carriage to the bar above the front axle.
[Old English ræcan]
reach´er, noun.

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